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Team International Golf Academy offers a unique golf program for advanced golfers who wish to grow continually, achieve set goals, and play golf at the highest amateur or professional level.

Players of the TIGA team are motivated by the same or a similar attitude towards golf, clearly defined and realistic goals which are achieved together yet each with an individual approach and plan. The motive force for them is professional care and facilities, a friendly place providing mutual trust and good atmosphere.

TIGA is a unique golf program in the Czech Republic founded by Martin Bešta and David Carter on the idea of targeting the general development of advanced golfers. The motive of our academy is to focus not only on strengthening the golf talent but also on individual personality development and promotion of a healthy mindset.

We see great importance in creating realistic goals together with the players which they will gradually be able to fulfill, and thus gain confidence on the course. In this process, players make use of regular coaching sessions and mentoring.

TIGA offers exceptional care and instruction to golfers who are ready for a complex training:

Structure of the golf program

Building a firm foundation together with the players is key for us:

Services of the golf program

Regular team trainings 
in CZ and abroad
Regular reports 
and statistics
for tournaments

We create the foundation for players’ personal development

How do we do it?
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We meet with players in person to see whether we are in accordance with our core values, visions, and practical realization of the TIGA program.

Do you wish to be a part of a unique project? Do you want to get better and communicate?
Are you open to a new approach?

We would love to meet with you in person.



David Carter

David Carter

Champion of the European Tour: Murphy’s Irish Open 1998
Champion of the World Cup 1998
Champion of the Indian PGA Championship 1996
15 years on the European Tour, played 372 tournaments
In 1998 – placement in World’s TOP 100 golf players

David is a professional golf coach and mentor.

David helps players to awaken their potential and develop a deeper understanding of the game. He focuses on complex preparation of players who perceive the connection of mental and physical aspects, coaching, and individual approach as a key element. His life experience of playing golf at the top level in combination with an elaborated system of training and a comprehensive concept of golf conditioning are crucial to the TIGA program.

“I believe that TIGA is a fantastic project which helps players with similar views achieve their goals and dreams. Whether it is a desire to represent one’s own country as an amateur player, to get into university or to become a professional golf player and play with the best.”

Martin Bešta

Martin Bešta

As a coach and a manager of the Erpet Golf Club Prague Martin has led players to acquiring 50 Czech Championship titles.

Martin is a coach, manager, and trainer in the domain of golf.
Over the years he gained experience and practice in leadership of the GCEP representation as well as a trained coach at the Qed Group company.

For Martin, TIGA is a result of a long-time observation of the Czech golf environment, coaching and golf practice. His vision and idea are to provide comprehensive support for ambitious and determined golfers in growth, motivation, and achieving their goals.

“In the TIGA project, I see the growth of players’ potential and their personal development. Good communication is built inside the team and the mentality of each player is refined. I believe that every player can follow their dream with inner satisfaction and joy. In the TIGA program, we help players become successful, purposeful and satisfied golfers.”

Aleš Procházka

Aleš Procházka

Professional golf player and coach of the TIGA team
Vladimír Gregor

Vladimír Gregor

Member of the Czech PGA and coach of the TIGA team

In coaching, we work with a top coach from LeadBetter Golf Academy

Iain Highfield

LeadBetter Golf Academy
2021/2022 ranked by Golf Digest among the most talented young golf instructors
Created a golf psychological conditioning program which was implemented at the Nike Golf Academy (UK), Bishops Gate Academy (FL), International Junior Golf Academy (SC).
Successful coach of young professional players, author of numerous publications incl. „OSVEA – Practical Ways to Learn Golf’s Mental Game” and “Game Like Training Golf”



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We would love to meet with you in person and present our program in detail.
We are looking forward to meeting you.
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